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I am currently in the middle of writing a story titled “The Priest and the Schoolboy.” At the same time, I am trying to complete a self-portrait that has been on my easel for a month. I cannot do either because I am so frustrated. No angry with this person, this characterless male we call the leader of the opposition. Only good manners prevent me from saying what I really think of him. His budget in reply speech has left me so cold that I have been forced to turn up the ducted heating higher than normal.

There is much in that speech that I could tackle and rip into. The total hypocrisy of it. For example, what ever happened to “If there is no carbon tax you don’t need any compensation. And of course he was back to “Stopping the boats” where as last week Scott Morrison was saying…

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Budget Blues and Other things

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In January of this year I wrote a piece outlining my list of “political priorities for 2013.”I blogged it prior to the Prime Ministers announcement of a September election. I also invited people to add their particular priorities. Some corresponded with mine and others were completely different.

With the budget, having been delivered this is my report card to date. Originally, I placed then in random order and did not prioritise one over another. However, the election is getting closer so I have put them is some sort of personal preeminence.

1.That the electorate might awake from its malaise and see that this is a very important election for the future of Australia and that politics in some way or another affects their very being.

There are no signs of this so far and it can be attributed to a number of factors. Firstly, that Australians in general are so…

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