Tony Abbott’s problem with the truth

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People lie for a number of reasons: sometimes it is accidental that through the person’s own ignorance, statements are made which gives the appearance of being deliberate; the aim being to deceive.  However, and of course, all is forgiven because it is abundantly clear to the reader/listener that the “lie” was purely accidental and its consequences unintended.

People also lie as a defence mechanism, that via that person’s emotional and mental immaturity they are incapable of providing an honest answer, but must resort to a simplistic lie.  Ego also comes into play with the person incapable of accepting responsibility for the fact that they have made a mistake.

Revenge is also a motivator for lying.

However, with the exception of revenge, such behaviour can fall within the confines of what is considered normal.  It is not a pattern of behaviour but something which occurs in response to exceptional circumstances.  The…

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This is the most backward government we have ever seen

Indeed this is the worst Govt in history. These words spoken a few hours before Holden defecated on the opposition.

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This is a copy of a speech made to the Federal Senate by NSW Senator Doug Cameron. Emphasis added.

BILLS: Climate Change Authority (Abolition) Bill 2013
Second Reading

Wednesday, 11 December 2013, 11:41

Senator CAMERON (New South Wales)

I indicate my opposition to the government policy in relation to the Climate Change Authority (Abolition) Bill 2013. What you have to understand, when you look at this little part of the coalition’s anti-climate-change policy, is that this is about government secrecy. This is about ensuring that there is no independent authority having a look at the shambles of a policy called direct action—the policy that would require twice the area of Victoria to be planted out with trees to gain some of the climate CO2 reduction that they claim they will achieve. It is about ensuring that that short-term policy, which has been roundly criticised from within the coalition as…

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You’re Not Listening – Craig Thomson’s trial by media


Today Craig Thomson is back in a Magistrates Court in Melbourne as the trial for the criminal case against him commences.

However before that commences I have something that has to be cleared up.

Back on the 12th September 2013 I posted an article called “Pieces Of Truth”that looked at the coverage of Craig Thomson’s criminal case by News Ltd, particularly The Australian.

My article made mention of a particularly misleading article published in The Australian dated 3rd September 2013. That article provided coverage of Craig Thomson’s criminal case mention in court the previous day.

In my article I stated;

“According to Greg James QC the article in The Australian has been referred to the Executive Officer Of The Court by the magistrate for possible charges of contempt of court for its authors Ean Higgins and Pia Ackerman.”

This statement has been disputed. As I was not in attendance at…

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